OK guys, you are my best hope. I don't expect Sprint to be able to help me with this one. I just got a 700p and bequeathed my 650p to my wife, who is happy with it except for one obscure problem. She wants to assign a ringtone to me (so she can ignore me?). Anyways, I went through the usual process of adding my 700p phone number (which used to be the 650's number) to a Favorite button, and selecting my number from the Contacts. But when I call the 650 from the 700, it gets only a generic ringtone. After a while I noticed that the Caller ID info on the 650 is displaying "Voicemail" ! Somewhere in the 650 it remembers that its old number (my new 700 number) was used to dial itself for voicemail. I looked in Contacts and of course there is no Voicemail entry to delete. So somehow I want to let the 650 know that its old number is my new number. Help!!!