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    When ever I try and Sync my treo, I push the hotsync button and Missing Sync wont do anything, after a few minutes my treo will say that there was no connection established and to check my setup. Obviously im well connected, anyone got any ideas as to why?!
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    I've had all sorts of odd things happen in the sync process on the 700p. My personal favorite was the phone descending into the endless loop of death after every hotsync attempt or after the "cleaning up screen" "You must now restart your device." After 15 hard resets in the first week I traded it in. I have had no problems with this replacement. I did make a change. I now have my hotsync cable running straight to the computer (mac mini) rather than to a hub. I heard that this can make a difference. Also, I am wondering about the quality of the cable itself. In addition, I wonder if it makes a difference if you use the power adapter supplied with the cable. I have been recharging with just the usb cable, no additional power.
    Good luck. You may need a replacement. You also may wish to post this to the main 700p forum.
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    Had the same problem as both of you. After three days and many hard resets, new phone. Only one hard reset, but no problems the last four days. As for sync issues, if you are using Verizon Wireless for email, you need to check Enable other sync apps Wireless Sync/Settings/connection/Advnced/ check Enable other sync apps . Good luck.
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