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    Just realized this afternoon that my SD card is missing. (With backups of my main data store - bad thing .. also every Treo game I own, and my Ringtones.)

    I know I had it Thursday evening, and I'm pretty sure Ringo started using the default ringtones Friday morning --- the Ringo tones are on the SD card.

    If I could nail down the exact time of the eject, I could have a much better chance of finding it -- is there an internal Treo log of happenings that would include such information (or what ringtones were used for what call) --- or is there a place where Ringo would have reported not being able to access the SD card?

    Thanks *sigh* -- hope I find it.
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    Well....i'm not able to help u find your card but if in the future u need a program to let u now that you card is out, this would be a good small program that helps. It saved my card a couple of times. Good luck with the finding.
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    Install palmpuke. Everytime the card goes in an out you get your choice of can't miss sounds. Won't hlp you find your old card though.
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    You can always use a emery board to file down the top edge of your SD card to keep it from accidently being ejected.

    I used the blank SD card that came with my 650 as a template and I've never had a problem since.

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