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    Hey All,

    Got a question for you. I live in Los Angeles, an EVDO friendly city. When my 700p tries to connect to the internet I receive error code 0x713e, which is a "can't connect" error message.

    Here's the weird part - after I clear the error message the phone tries to connect again and it always works.

    Why does it almost always fail to connect the first time, as if I'm out of range, and then always succeed immediately afterwards? Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions? It's pretty annoying...

    Many thanks!
    Larry Z.
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    I had the same issue yesterday -- last night to be exact. I think I caused the issue by messing around with some of the network settings in "Preferences" - after reading another thread about speeding up EDVO.

    I accidentally added copies of my primary "Power Vision" service. I ended up having 2 copies that stated "Power Vision Copy." Make sure you pay careful attention but I believe it is solved by scrolling down under "service" to any ".... copy" you may have. Then pull up the menu (hit menu key or tap upper left hand corner of screen) and hit delete.

    After I did this I had no more issues. Now I only have 2 services -- Power Vision and Sprint Provisioning. I believe that the device is first trying to go online with the copies and are getting errors.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the reply -

    I didn't fiddle with any settings, however, and only have the two services you mentioned.

    Sadly, I think this means a call to Sprint tech support - which can be a nightmare.

    Wish me luck!
    Larry Z.
    That's me in the photo - you can check out my kung fu school at
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    I realize much later, but did you ever get resolution?

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