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    Ok, I did a search, and I do apologize if this has been covered.

    I have both Pocket Tunes(trial, not sure if it's worth the money) and KBLights. Here's my problem...

    Whenever I use the side button to turn on/off the keyboard lights, Pocket Tunes starts playing. It took me a while, but I figured out I can turn off the volume buttons and it'll work..

    Scratch that. It doesn't. So, now, whenever I press the side button, it starts playing. Is there anyway around this? I'd hate to be someplace where I'm showing them the awesome features of the Treo and have music start playing.
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    You just have to stop pressing the botton before you app comes up. As soon as the light status changes let go.
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    I have it set for when I double press the button, the lights go on/off. Whenever I press it once, Pocket Tunes starts playing, and when I press it again, the lights go off, and sometimes PT does, sometimes it doesn't. Just annoying.
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    I also intermittently have this problem. Like davidg4781, I have KBLightsoff mapped to a double click of the side button. For my setup, the probable culprit is related to my use of a MP3 file as an alarm sound with Mobile Clock. Once an alarm sounds, Pocket Tunes seems to go into some type of standy mode which allows a press of the side button to "wake up" PTunes. If I use a MIDI file with Mobile Clock, the problem doesn't occur. This drove me crazy for a few weeks until I finally recongnized the pattern. I've since stopped using MP3 files with Mobile Clock.

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