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    I just discovered that my email hosting service (swishmail) supports IMAP. Having wanted push email, I set up Chatter on new 700P and Outlook 2003 and find that it works very well.

    However, I am unclear as to how to truly "delete" messages within Outlook 2003. I hit the delete key and they grey out and have a line through them, but I don't know how to make them actually go away. My Outlook Junk Mail folder has the option of "Empty" but the others (Spam (from my ISP filter, not Outlook) and Trash) remain filled with crossed out messages.

    If I go to the server via a webmail access, I can make the deletions there, but really want to do it in Outlook. I have run a search and read the documentation, but can't figure it out.

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Try right clicking on your Trash folder and select either empty or delete.
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    Outlook: Edit>Purge Deleted Messages

    Chatter: Menu>Expunge (in the Mailbox view, not Summary view) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Perfect. Thanks.

    One follow on question: if I dump POP on Outlook and go straight IMAP, can I move all my existing local folders into the IMAP structure? And, if I do so, will I end up with the thousand plus saved messages on my Treo?

    How do people manage saving local messages or switching as described above?
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    I use Thunderbird for my IMAP mail and I am able to drag n drop local folders into my IMAP account and have those folders propagate back to the server. I dont see why Outlook would be any different.

    As for Chatter, asside from your IMAP Inbox, your IMAP folders wont show up in Chatter unless you specificly create a mailbox for the folders you want.
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    Virginia Beach, VA but home will
    always be Honolulu, HI

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