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    I just noticed the service light isnt flashing green like my 650 did. I actually dont know if it ever has. Can this be turned off? I dont have any 3rd party aps installed to control this or anything.
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    It does not blink on the 700P . Sprint decided to remove it . I wish there was a way to make it blink as I keep leaving my phone on and waste the battery and I am forgetting that I have it on in public places where I usually turn it off.
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    I wonder if this app will help?

    I've never used it, but it may be worth a shot.
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    I think Sprint removed the blink because people complained about it. Now we should complain that we want it back.

    They should have made it an option. In any case, I'm sure Butler and/or other equivalent programs will soon be around to do your bidding.
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    Why is it people never SEARCH before they POST?

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