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    I just got my first treo (700p) and, after reading up on this site, bought Missing Sync (yesterday).

    My Address Book, however, is not syncing correctly; all my email addresses are being put in Phone fields (so when I go to dial a phone number I have a lot of "W" and "H" that are blank and when I go to write an email I don't have any addresses in my address book).

    Any idea how to fix this ?

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    i wish mine were like yours, i somehow managed to get all emails in the email field, but if you do that, they won't show up on .mac address book. the best way is to have them go to home or work, they way you have them now. there has to be a way to batch change all labels
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    Yea - Email the guys over at markspace as I did, maybe they can fix that.

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