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    Just my 2 cents worth... these are GREAT instructions and worked great ONCE I remembered to go into Windows XP security settings and allow exceptions in the firewall for 14237 and 14238. That almost got me.

    Then other thing was to use !! in the computer name as is noted later in the instructions discussing NAT (which I don't have a clue if I use).

    To test turn off everything in the conduit setup except the calendar and see how long that takes to sync. Then consider turning on the contacts in the conduit and testing the time... and work from there.

    Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can set this up on a desktop computer at the office and sync through the firewall there. (At the moment I'm just syncing to my laptop through my home router)
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    OMG seriously this is the coolest thing.

    Ive been toying with the idea of setting this up for a long time and I finally did it today.

    Thanks a ton!
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