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    Does anyone know how to sync over the internet? I would like to be able to sync my 700p when I am away from my house. I use palm desktop and not outlook.
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    Dunno. But if you figure it out, make sure you've got an unlimited data plan, 'cause it could be 10s of megabytes to transfer.
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    I have not tried it on PalmOS but Exchange Activesync should work for your PIM data.
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    I found that this works very well for syncing over the internet with the Treo 700p.

    1. Click on the HotSync icon
    2. Go to Options --> Modem Sync Preferences. Choose “Network”
    3. Go to Options --> LanSync Preferences. Choose “Local HotSync”
    4. Go to Options --> Primary PC Address.
    ** a. Set “Primary PC Name” to "!!" (2 exclamation points with no quotes).
    ** b. Set “Primary PC Address” to the IP address of the computer(or router) that is attached to the internet.
    ** c. Leave “Subnet Mask” blank
    5. Go to Options --> Connection Setup. Make sure “Direct Serial” is highlighted. Click “Done”. (If there is no serial port listed you will have to create one)

    **** Setup on your Computer ****
    1. Right-click the HotSync icon in the System tray and choose Setup.
    2. Click the Network tab
    3. Make sure the Profile you want to sync has a checkmark in the checkbox
    4. Click the TCP/IP Settings and make sure that your correct IP address is chosen. If you only have one Network adapter (in most cases) this will be grayed-out.
    5. Leave Subnet Mask blank and click OK.
    6. Click OK again to close the Setup window.
    7. Right-click the HotSync icon in the System tray and make sure “Network” has a checkmark next to it.

    **** Firewalls & Routers ****
    If your computer is behind a firewall or it has a router between it and the internet, you will have to do the following.

    1. Make sure you have the following ports open: TCP:14237 & TCP:14238. This is how HotSync (on your phone) communicates with HotSync on your computer. So if you use a software firewall, you will have to allow HotSync to communicate with the internet over these ports. The Palm website indicates that port 14238 is for UDP, but my tests indicate that communication is happening over TCP.
    2. If you use a router, you will have to have all requests on those ports forward to the internal computer with HotSync

    **** Doing your first HotSync over the Internet ****
    1. Click on HotSync and on the main screen, change from “Local” to “Modem”
    2. When you change to Modem, it should show you “Sprint” as who it will dial.
    3. Press the HotSync icon on this screen. HotSync will dial out to Sprint and initiate the synchronizing. You will see the HotSync notification box popup on the HotSync computer as the process happens (just as it would if it was a local HotSync.)

    **** Notes ***
    Thanks to member "Get Wright" for this one!
    By setting the "Primary PC Name" to "!!" this will prevent the HotSync settings in the i330 from getting set to their internal (Private LAN) settings.

    Must use actual IP Address
    Apparently DNS doesn’t work, because when I try to use my DNS name, which will forward to my Dynamic IP Address, it doesn’t work. If anyone knows how to get this to work, please let me know.
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