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    No its not another vain thread.
    I, for one, am having problems maintaining a BT connection between the GPS reciever and 700p with palm shutting down. ( 700p with the Itrek M3 BT GPS and Tomtom which worked like a champ on the 650)
    Many have no problems.
    Would like to know which GPS receivers work with the 700p and TomTom.
    I think the globalsat 338 has no problems with the 700p in holding the BT connection. Is this correct? On palm's compatibility list they only have their own.
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    There IS problems with tomtom and 700p. Yes the phone shuts off after a while. It has other minor glitches as well. Proven on 2 different 700p's one with 338 and other with tomtom gps.
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    Thanks Groomer, I have researched this here on TC. Appears that some are buying the i blue GPS. Wonder how they do.
    Anyone have palm BT GPS and see if it shuts off also?
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    I don't believe it's the receivers that are creating problems. The receiver's a simple hardware device with essentially two radios. It shouldn't cause any of the previously mentioned issues, i.e. phone shutting off.
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    Totally agree with SKY.....its the new palm os that is causing the problems. I hope that TOMTOM comes out with an updated version soon that will support the 700p. DOES work...just not correctly

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