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    Well I made the swtich today. After carrying a 700w since the begining of the year I moved over to the 700p - say hello to ebay 700w! Anyway, I have gotten sick and tired of the slow application performance, the inability to adjust or even have enough program memory to run the verizon wireless sync application and voice command at the same time. I am tired of having to soft reset my phone over 2 - 3 days to get this thing to be responsive again.

    After playing with the 700p now for the last 3 hours - everything just works - EDVO Web pages load faster on the P than the W, applications snap to life, Wireless Sync works in the background. I have always been a Windows PocketPC fan back to the first IPAQ days, but even Windows Mobile 5 is bloated OS ware, and now where near as stable as the Palm OS!

    I have 15 days to make sure I made the right choice but for now I can say it certainly feels better than the 700w.
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    Same here... got rid of the W and found my way back to the good stuff!
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    Welcome back!
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    I also ported back to the PalmOS. I picked up the P yesterday. I ended up returning the week trial of the Moto Q. Liked it, but didn't love it. End of the day, it was not a Treo. I also noticed a huge performance increase in EVDO on the 700p over my 700w. It's also nice to not have to worry about what apps are open to control my memory debacle. I always thought the PalmOS version provided the best integration of phone/pda. There were a lot I liked about the WM5 version, just not enough to not switch back. I feel I have the best of all worlds now on the 700p (improved form factor, EVDO, great screen, "potentially" getting BBC to work on the 700p, improved keypad, and of course, a better Bejeweled2 experience)
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    I agree. T650-->PPC-6700-->700P and loving it!
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    Thanks - it feels good to be home on a reliable platform!
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    Its funny you say that about the EDVO experiance. I had read on one review where the reviewer complained about the EDVO web experiance because of the BLAZER Browser. A statement about that Blazer software holding back the performance of EDVO to aprox 200kbs. I'm into this 700p now 2 days, and my experiance with web browsing is alot faster then the W. I love the fact that even after loading a handfull of apps I still have over 50MB of memory on the device - try that 700w. I had serious contimplated the Moto Q but after playing with it, felt at the end of the day I would feel I was missing out on a full fledged Smartphone. This is now my Third Palm based Treo Smartphone - and from my experiance todate - the Treo only just keeps getting better! Although it is not an Revolutionary upgrade over the 650 it certainly is evolutionariy.

    Now I need to find a app or two to see if I get get streaming Video and XM Radio. Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wkharris
    Now I need to find a app or two to see if I get get streaming Video and XM Radio. Any ideas?
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    Thanks ScaryHumor - I just got XMMini working - so cool!
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    If I have a 700w on verizon and buy a verizon 700p without a plan can I switch my service from the 700w to the 700p without having to call verizon?
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    I did the 700w-->xv6700-->700p jig at Verizon in the last couple of weeks, and boy am I happy I settled on the 700p! I admit that I preferred the WM5 OS, but now that I've been using the PalmOS for a week I'm getting more used to it. First couple of days it kept crashing on me as I installed software that apparently didn't play nice with the 700p (AIM UK version, Toccer, couple of others), but when I got rid of the unstable stuff the unit's been working like a charm.

    I'm not a big application user -- not yet -- and all I'm using regularly is the contacts manager, Chatter and Causerie Messenger. I am a bit disappointed that the standard contact software doesn't allow for simultaneous home/business address information as in Entourage/Outlook. I thought this was basic?

    One question... if a program gets stuck in a loop but doesn't crash the rest of the Treo, is there any way to force quit the application without needing to do a soft reset to clear out the misbehaving app? Sometimes Causerie is unable to complete its logon, and gets stuck in an infinite loop where the logo is just blinking in an attempt to make a connection and no way to stop it -- but the rest of the phone works and I can switch to other apps, but Causerie never recovers.

    Any ideas?
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    Folks, isn't the screen on the 700w just crummier than the 700p? For that alone I wouldn't have considered a w. But welcome back.
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    Welcome back. I tried out the Motorola Q, even though I have a Sprint Treo 700p. I knew I woulnd't get rid of my 700p, but I wanted to try the Q. EV-DO on my Sprint 700p is between 300-450kbps. On the Q is was between 30 and 280kbps. Also Verizon is RIDICULOUS with their plans. Cheapest plan for the Q cost close to $100 a month, my Sprint Treo 700p is $50. I returned the Q today, it was nice, but the 700p now replaces the 650 as king of all smartphones.
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    The Palm OS have to love it.
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    what plan do you have with your treo
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    I have the $29.99 voice plan it's a lot if I spend an hour a month talking on my treo, $15 powervision, and insurance.
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    Yeah I was thinking of getting that same thing but with txt msgs too.
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    I have the 69.99 fair and flex family plan with 800 shared anytime minutes 7:00 p.m starts with $20.00 Power Vision between my Treo 700P and my wife's Samsung A900 Blade with a 18% corporate discount.
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    Good move, I'm hoping to do the same thing but from a Kjam to a 700p / Hollywood as soon as i can get a UK GSM version, cant wait.
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    Well, I guess my post will be like everyone elseís. Went from a 7250 Blackberry-Audiovox XV-6700-Treo 700P, and believe me, Iím far from some electronic guru, but I will only say one thing, my 700P has worked flawlessly since I bought it last week. Not one software lock-up, and all the loaded applications work perfectly.

    I have been reading on the forum since last week, and I see tons of postings where folks are having problems with their 700Pís. I guess Iím a very lucky one, because I have not had one problem ! (Knock-On-Wood).

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