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    I did. I activited the new phone via the web - my plan automatically followed over from the W to the P!
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    me personally , i went from the t600--t650---t700w---t700p---t700w

    when all is said and done, the palm OS felt rickety and old. not WM5 bias here truthfully. the POS just felt played out and ready for Hospice.

    700w with its quirks is totally solid OOTB. Helps if you use xchange as well.
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    Thank Goodness they offer different operation systems on different devices, for different people. I personally think the windows operating system on pda's sucks. Slow as dirt, bogged down, freezing on a regular basis.

    Me personally, I don't need some sophisticated computer operating system on a portable pda. I want one that works simple. Good phone service, good text messaging service, good e-mail operation (Including some type of push, or access to your personal e-mail), and of course being able to access the internet to view simple websites, such as weather, local news, and travel updates.

    Not so sure I could actually sit with my pda in my hands for hours at a time, surfing the web or responding to loads of e-mails all day long. I guess Iím fortunate, to have a great PC at home, work-office, and in my work-vehicle too. So truly my pda for me is just an extra tool in the communication world with work personnel, friends, and family.

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    I got my cool new treo today on the sero plan and am working on setting it up, but since I ported my number from cingular and cingular will not release my number till saturday I cannot play on the internet.
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    I went from Verizon 700w to the Sprint 700p. I could have gone either way as far as the OS is concerned- yet I honestly think that after using both that the 700p is much more one handed user friendly- I very rarely have to use the stylus which is a good thing. Where I live the Sprint service is much stonger than Verison without a doubt. The only thing that is a bit anoying is the small lag time inbetween button presses which I hope will be addressed in a software update. Go with the 700p on Sprint. PS. I ran into a guy tonight with a 700p on Verison and he has had two replacements already- fortunatly my phone was perfect from the start. enjoy
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