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    Wow. My plan is a bit different, I don't use the phone too often. Unlimited SMS $15, insurance $6, Power Vision Plus $15, it is costing me roughly $5 more a month. Oh, well. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister
    After reading the posts on this thread, I'm glad I'm sticking with my T650 for another year and waiting 'till Sprint gets its act together. By then, everything should be refined and the deals will hopefully be of better quality.
    sprint deals are actually awesome. especially compared to verizon and cingular.

    wha tis going on with the various evdo packs is pretty clear -- sprint is reselling premium content and they are going to have to bill for it. there is some confusion but in fact if you look on sprint users everyone with a power vision billing problem or misunderstanding is getting a refund.

    this is simple. sprint power vsion is $15.

    If you bother to read the threads it is $0 or $5 or $10 max for people who simply call and as for evdo retention deal with 500 texts included. this also includes picture and vidoe mail.

    there are so many threads on sprint users reveiwing what is one plus and ultimate and stating it is not a good value.

    why bother getting ultimate and why bother complaining?
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