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    I just recently got the "Motorola Wireless Internet Calling Kit - H500 Bundle" for use with my Treo 700p (Sprint). This is the headset (H500) & usb dongle (PC850) bundle they market for use with VOIP.

    Headset works ok, and the PC850 works well with my laptop & WinXP. I can do wireless hotsync and file transfer ... haven't tested DUN, but it configures OK (other profiles come back as not supported by the Treo).

    To do the file transfer I had to enable "My PIM Item Transfer".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevante
    Actually, it's not necessarily your Treo specifically, but rather the way Palm designed the Treo's BT file sending function. Most devices that send files via BT use the FTP profile. The Treo however, uses OBEX (Object Exchange), from which the FTP profile is based. Your BT adaptor is expecting your Treo to send files using BT FTP standards, but instead it's using OBEX standards, which is probably why you're having trouble sending files from the Treo to the laptop. I had similar troubles when trying to send a file from my friend's 650 to my A900. The A900 wanted to use FTP, but the Treo wanted to use OBEX.

    To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what you can do, except to try a different BT adaptor.
    Sokftick BlueFiles enables the FTP profile on POS. It costs $14.95
    It is actually a pretty nice program. You can try the demo for free.
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