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    This quote is from a review of the Treo 700p PDA/Smartphone posted at

    Michael: Also included, for the first time, is Bluetooth DUN support (or tethered mode). Bluetooth DUN lets you use the Treo as a modem for your laptop. At EVDO speeds, this becomes an extremely helpful feature anytime you're at a coffee shop/hotel/airport that doesn't have free WiFi. On a Mac, this feature takes only two steps to set up. Oddly, the Treo consistently induced kernel panics every few DUN attempts (The Mac version of a Blue-Screen-Of-Death), an event I have rarely ever seen. This bug will need to be fixed by Apple. At full EVDO speeds, Bluetooth is not fast enough to transmit all the data, so Palm also includes a Windows application and USB drivers for the Treo to act as a USB modem for your Windows computer. As a long time user of DUN, I am extremely pleased to see this feature supported in the Treo 700p.

    So I'm not the only one with this problem. I wonder if the reviewer Michael has a G4/G5 Mac or an Intel Mac? I have a desktop iMac G5 and it's yet to have a problem. My Macbook Pro on the other hand has problems with Bluetooth crashing or causing even worse Kernel Panics - the blue screen of death for the Mac.

    I'd recommend that everyone with this problem contact Apple Tech support to get Apple on the stick to fix it. I've submitted this information to, but they've paid little attention to it yet.
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    Mine does it too- G4 Powerbook 1ghz. Glad it's not just me.
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    we have several Powerbooks and MacBook Pro users trying to use this...first time no prob....anytime after that PANIC! damn....that was an issue that could have been tested, no?

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