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    I just got the 4.8.1 update on my Treo 650. The release notes say 4.8 supports vCard beaming. I can't figure it out - any clues?

    I'm really happy with GoodLink. I hope we get the ability to attach local photo's soon as that would make it perfect.


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    GoodLink supports contact beaming. To beam a contact, go the the GL contacts. Choose the contact information you want to beam then hit menu->contact-beam contact.
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    In GL Contact on my Treo 650, the Contact menu options are

    Compose Email

    There is no beam option in the menu, or in the Options menu. The About Goodlink says

    What am I missing? I don't think I have IR switched off or anything?!
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    Your GL admin may have disable beaming. Check with them

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