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    Just got the verizon 700p (love it) but now I can't recieve Picture messages. I get a text saying I have a pix/flix message and goto to see them. This is pretty frustrating as I get a bunch of pics from friends. I know they could email them to me but most of the time its a camera picture so emailing it isn't practical. I called verizon and they said this is normal and because it's a "smartphone" there is no pix messaging, so i was wondering if there were any 3rd party apps that would allow me to just see the picture embedded in the text.
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    That's what I get. Frankly, it's easier to handle 'em as an email file attachment. Ben
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    700p must be different. I have a 650 and got a pix message the other day and it worked fine. It was the MMS message, not a SMS.
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    I was able to fix it. I had to set the preferences to MMS instead of SMS. Kinda weird but at least it works now

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