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    I'm testing Fastmail and Chatter (v. 2.0p1+) with the 700p.

    I'm having a problem with the subfolders under Inbox not showing up,
    I've got Inbox.Test & Inbox.Test1 in Fastmail, but after I Reload Folder List
    it says connect in red and then nothing.....I can't see the subfolders.

    I've read the following links and others also.....
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    Connect in red relates to SMTP, not reloading the folder list. Is this IMAP or Exchange? And what do you mean by "show up"? Subfolders should NOT appear as mailboxes in ChatterEmail unless you set them up with "New Mailbox".

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    I click on Reload Folder List, it then says 'the folder list will be reloaded',
    I click on OK. I then get connect in green and login in green and finally a little blue envelope, but I still dont see the subfolders in Inbox.
    I can view emails which are in Inbox but dont see Inbox.Test and Inbox.Test1 subfolders. With Fastmail hightlighted i'm using the right rocker, but no subfolders are listed.

    Also from 'New Mailbox' window if I click on 'Complete Server Folder Name'
    it says 'the folder list has not yet been loaded'.

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    Is this IMAP or Exchange? If IMAP, go to "Edit Mailbox" and make sure the "Root" field is empty.

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    IMAP.....worked great...made Root empty.

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