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    I had spent about 4 hours this morning today at a customer in a Non-EVDO area. I had about 20 emails pushed to my device, and at the end of the 4 hours, my fully charged battery was at 15% and the Treo was RED-HOT! This does not happen in EVDO areas; the Treo stays relatively cool and battery life is better.

    Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Thanks.
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    I experienced it on my 650 when trying to set up Chatter and having problems with server. I think it's persistently trying to log-in and just eats up battery and makes the phone hot...

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    mariog7 - I've never had this reported, and I must have 50+ T700 users by now (probably a lot more). I'd need to see a log from the time it was hot, BUT I live in a non-EVDO area and I've NEVER been in an EVDO area and I've NEVER experienced this problem.

    dslunceford - There are configuration and server issues that can cause this, but they are always easy to find and fix.

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    I should have started with - I doubt that Chatter is causing my problem; the app is rock solid. I may have been in a low signal area perhaps (in a building), and it kept loosing connection and trying to log into the network or perhaps. If it happens again, I will try to get a log. Thanks for the offer.
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    Please do; obviously, I'd like to help figure out what's going on.


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