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    I was reluctant to start a new post, but i read this in another thread, and thought it deserved some attention:

    It seems that if you go in to the BT Manager and change the 700 to VISIBLE, it manages to retain connections better. For the first time, even with a headset that has been working well, now, if i walk away from the headset with the phone in hand, it will automatically re-pair itself when i get back in range. I used to have to pair it by pressing the button on the headset again.

    Everybody who is having problems, try this out, and please report back. Maybe this is the solution to many of our issues.

    CREDIT goes to LAWILSON2 for pointing this out as a possibility.
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    I'll give anything a shot. I hope this helps. My treo wireless headset worked flawlessly with the 650. Now I barely keep a connection with the 700p.

    Thanks for the info, worthy of it's own thread.
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    I've tested this a few times over, and it seems to be working great now. Hopefully others will have similar results.
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    This doesn't help with the prius handsfree system.
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    This didn't solve the issue for me. If anything I lost the connection faster!
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    Thanks for the credit; very kind of you!

    It definitely holds the connection much longer. I'm still going to try out the Samsung Headset Big Tone recommended in another thread (should be here tomorrow or Monday). It's supposed to auto-pair so I'll try it out; even if it doesn't I can resell it.
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    Talked to Sprint Technical support on my Plantronice 640 losing connection. I admitted up front that my headset was on the non-compatible Palm list but how was I to know that when I was going through several headsets to find one that worked for me on the 650. Also mentioned the threads on TC documenting that just about every headset at one time or another is losing connection. Anyway, the support rep looked it up and said yes, it was a known issue and that a fix or a patch (can't remember exact phrase) was in the works with a release in the near future. No, she did not know when. Hopefully sooner than later.

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