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    Spent most of the day yesterday trying to get the latest version of TT5 on my Sprint 700p. (I had it working fine on my 650, but the 650 is broken.)

    5.00 from the CD-ROM will go on fine. Maps are fine. But the upgrade to 5.201 will NOT sync over. I get the same hotsync errors every time I try, and then it corrupts TT so I have to delete everything and start over from scratch.

    The first error I get is when it tries to install:

    Trying to install navigator to Palm folder TomTom on 2 GB Card.
    Installed navigator to Palm folder TomTom on 2 GB Card.
    Deleted 'navigator.ini' and ''.
    OK TomTom with 1 message

    Device does not have an expansion slot.

    What???? I even check to make sure its properly seated right before hotsyncing.

    Then I get a few conduit errors.

    Then, at the end, I get Conduit errors after AddIt (new with the 700p?) updates its databases.

    Antbody else having this problem installing just the update onto the 700p? Any work-arounds?
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    I had TomTom on my 650 so with my 700p I just stuck in my SD card from the 650, used Resco Backup to restore the TomTom files that resided on the 650, then activated TomTom from their website. Since TomTom has not updated their maps, and I put them all on my SD card, I don't have a need for the conduit. I'll deal with that issue if TomTom ever updates the maps.

    Sorry that doesn't help you, but it might be a workaround if you have a backup and are satisfied with the maps you had loaded on your 650.
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    Is there any sort of fees with TomTom. I am thinking about buying one for my 700p but wanted to know more.
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    No fees with TomTom, just the initial purchase price. They offer a 30-day trial for traffic and weather services but mine has continued to work since December 2005. I think the services are not widely available in the US so it remains free in this country.

    The only drawback with TomTom is there is no trial. However, I find it even more stable on my 700p then it was on my 650 (which was pretty stable). You can always check out a TomTom unit at an electronics store since they are essentially the same as the Palm device. I think the latest TomTom units have newer maps and hopefully they make it to the Palm soon.

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