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    I just upgraded from a Treo 650 to 700p and activated the phone. Several quick questions come to mind. I apologize if this has been addressed, yet I have not found all my answers. My understanding is the 700p accepts the same accessories as the 650, yet could someone confirm this point for me. In particular, do you need to reinstall the Palm desktop software that came with the 700p?

    Is the 700p compatible with the charge and sync cable of the Treo 650?

    Does the 700p take the same batteries as the 650?

    I just opened the 700p and just want to connect everything together from my 650 since attaching the new cable means moving computers and desks (which I donít have time for at the moment). So far everything seems to be compatible.
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    Yes, you will need to install the latest version of Palm Desktop to your PC/Mac. The version from your 650 will not operate properly. You won't have to uninstall it, though. Simply install the 700p version over your existing 650 version and you're good to go.

    Perry suggests you do a clean install of all programs, which is what I did. The only information I synced over from my 650 was the PIM info. Everything else I installed fresh and entered the existing registration codes. If you have Voice Dial on your 650, you'll have to get the latest version and registration code from the Palm Software Connection. Send an e-mail to and they can give you instructions on what to do.I don't know where Perry's thread is, but I'm sure you can find it if you do a search. The thread about the Voice Dial software should be relatively easy to find. I just posted a response in it a minute ago.

    All cords and cables from the 650 work on the 700. The only items I am aware of that don't work are the WiFi cards and sleds, and a few cases. One major issue with the 700p is bluetooth compatibility. The headsets that worked great with the 650 don't work so well with the 700p. Go to and under support for the 700p you'll find the bluetooth compatibility list of headsets that are supported.
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    I had started a thread in the Bluetooth forum ( ) that evolved into discussion of 650 vs 700p physical connector differences. Perhaps the people who really know the answers about the 700p haven't been following that forum closely.

    It was suggested by one poster that there is a difference because Seidio has automobile cradles that are compatible with the 650 but do not work properly (at least the audio connection) with the 700p. Supposedly they have been working on a solution for some time. I tried to get an answer about whether this is a Seidio-only problem with their cradles not mating properly or a more general issue of differences between the Treo models that will require adjustments by all vendors of accessories. Before that thread's discussions, I had understood that the 650 and 700p were completely compatible in terms of plug-in accessories.

    Can someone in this 700p forum who knows the definitive answer post it here and/or in the bluetooth thread please?
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