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    I'm using a 700w right now with GoodLink and love it. However, it does seem to use up alot of memory from time to time which is a little annoying.

    Just curious to get some opinions from people who have used 4.8 on both the 700w and the 700p. I've used a 650 before so I'm really just looking at which device does a better job of running 4.8.

    If the 700p runs GoodLink more efficiently and with less memory, I might take this 700w back since it's still under 15 days.

    Thanks all!
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    Well, I switched to the Treo 700p cause the Microsoft OS was just causing little problems here and there.

    So far, I like Good on the 700p much better.

    My only request for enhancement... an option to use a smaller font within GoodLink applications. That'd be great!
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    Sparkomatic, Fonts4OS alows changes in the font size on the Palm OS. Haven't seen a utility yet that works for the WM5 devices.

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