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    Has anyone else noticed that when you use a bluetooth headset with the 700p the headset's battery lasts for a much shorter time than with the 650? With the 650 my headset would last 3-4 days. Now I'm lucky if I get a little more than 1 day!

    Not only does the battery life on the 700p itself suck, it makes the battery life of anything you connect to it suck!

    Wow. It's amazing how there are only a few things on the Treo 700p that got changed from the 650, Palm had a year and a half to do it and yet they still f'ed it up beyond belief. I wish somebody-- anybody-- else made a PalmOS phone.
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    Nobody else is having this problem?
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    So return it.
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    I have a Jabra 500 and I just noticed this. I used to get 3-4 days too. Last night, after a full charge, the battery died after a few calls. I thought it might have been me, but I see this might be a bug Palm needs to get to
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    I am using a Jabra SP500 speakerphone which would last a week on a charge and now with the 700P I am getting at best half of that not to mention the crappy battery life of the 700P to begin with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SKYravefever
    So return it.
    Thanks for the useful post, troll! I just wanted to know if it's a widespread problem with the phone or whether it's just my equipment.

    I'm using the Palm Treo headset and it looks like some Jabra users have seen the same thing so it's not just one type.

    Are there any headset users who's headset battery life hasn't gotten worse since moving to the 700p from the 650 (or some other phone)?
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    I haven't had any problems with the headset. I have the Palm headset and no drain, also the Jabra 500, didn't really like it, so its going back, but no problems either. Also, I'm not really having any problems with the Treo's battery either, so I'm not sure. All is well so far.

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