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    I work in a large firm that runs a goodlink server and recently we enabled the password policy.
    Now if a user calls the help desk and say they have forgot their password is the a way, from the server side, to reset or change the password
    At this time the only way we know is to do a hard reset of the device and reload the goodlink software.
    Any help would be great.

    This is not the OTA password. It is the device password
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    I second CrazyLes' question. Is there no OTA password reset? Or do we have to buy the Good Mobile Defense product to get this basic capability? (I'll be looking into it, shortly).

    I can easily OTA reset a user's password with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. But I cannot find a way to do it with GoodLink Mobile Messaging (GMM v4.9). In fact, I find no reference to resetting a user's password in the GMM Admin Guide's 'Managing the Handhelds' chapter.

    My concern is if one of our Big Cheeses calls -- hasn't happened, yet, but it's inevitable -- to request a pw reset because "... uhm, my current one no longer works", I will have to tell him/her that with GoodLink it takes about 20 minutes or so to backup/download/install/verify the GoodLink application -- just to recover from a lockout!

    On the other hand, the executive might say, "when my friend, the other VP, forgot her BlackBerry password, she didn't have to go through this nose-bleed. Maybe I should just get a BlackBerry."

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