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    Google added this really nice feature for Google Search that detects my browser as a mobile browser, proxies all the pages for me to make them easily displayable on mobile.

    Except it breaks when it doesn't recognize something - I can't download .zip or .prc files, etc, buy tickets on Fandango, etc.

    But since Google automatically redirects me, it appears I just can't use Google search unless I'm missing something. Should I just switch to, or does somebody know a way to turn off this default behavior and go to the actual site instead of Google's proxy?
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    I just use and it takes me to the real google.
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    when you try to download throught the proxy it says page optimized for mobile use, with the word page underlined, click on page and it will give you the link to the file, copy the link then hit menu G and paste the link there and your file will start to download. I like the proxy it optimizes things for my use
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    Tomas316, thanks, but is there any way to still use the mobile layout for the results - I just want the links to go to the real site instead of Google's proxy.

    I'm amazed they didn't add an icon or link beside each result to go to the real site rather than their proxy.

    gt5l, what a mess! I mean, I agree, it's nice to use Google's proxy for most things, but there is no way to just tell it to skip or un-proxy a page?

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