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    okay from the bookmark, I click on google search. I see it's "Sending" "receiving" but still see the white blank page?? I have clear cache. set different mod. any other suggestion?
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    In the url box type it will do the trick
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    Hi Migs,

    this is strange....still blank.. I refreshed. clear cache again. no go. if you use the HOME key to see the Tip under [Options] there suppose to be 11 pages... mine is blank. NOOOOO please tell me it's not broken?
  4. #4 works for me...
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    hi longterm, thx for the reply.

    do you see anything in the [Options] [Tips]??? I see there are 11 pages...but mine are all blanks. my Blazer v4.5 oh~ this sux can't use google is bad... the sprint store that will "fix" anything is pretty far from my home. it display sprint home page fine...
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    thank you all for the help. I just Uninstall (thank god for Uninstall manager) some of the 3rd party software at a time... and found out my CJKOS (write/Read in Chinese, Japense and Korean) is what cause this...not sure why. oh well!
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    scroll down bit. googles background is wht. see if its down a bit from the sideways compression.
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