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    well, I have been receiving sub- par speeds on the 700p. I came across this forums post from another community yesterday, changed my HA server addresses and have seen a very significant boost,

    Nearly double the speed I had before. THis may be a good thread to post your experiences and which servers perform the best.
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    How did you change your HA ? I tried it from network prefs. It created a copy of my Poer Vision profile with the updated HA, but then I was not able to connect using that profile "Error ####"
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    sounds great. how did you go about changing HA's in your 700p? If I create a new profile it won't let me log on and the HA screen is always locked.
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    did some research. you need to call sprint to get your msl code and then do a ##3282#
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    I'm getting terrible speeds (< regular vision) at one location in Atlanta area, and this didn't help me...

    Good tip though.

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    you need your msl code. then (from the phone menu) press ##DATA#

    press modify and record your current setting in case somehting goes wrong.
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    One more tip if you want to try this:

    I discovered that after changing my HA addresses, I was unable to connect to Power Vision until I power-cycled the phone. Hopefully this will save somebody else the few minutes I wasted figuring this out...

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    Did Sprint simply provide the MSL with no issue?

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    yip. read that entire thread. it's been more than a month since the original post. people have found that sprint has drastically improved performance at previously underperforming towers.
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    Why do you need your MSL code. I was able to change mine through Prefs > Network> Details> Advanced> Then menu button and go to Modify. Hit YES when it asks if youre sure you want to modify it.
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    I'm in Northern Cali and changed my last digits from 76 to 77 and picked up about 50kbps more than what I usually get on DSLreports.
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    I don't buy it at all; those look like IP addresses. Why would one be any faster than another in the same subnet? They're clearly all on the same net, so one speed would be the same as another.

    Unless I'm wrong, those are just dynamically-assigned IP addresses.
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    I tried several of them and couldn't do better than my defaults. Maybe differences are more noticeable for PAM, since PAM speeds are so much faster than phone browsing to begin with.
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    read the link in the post from above... it explains why those addresses are faster and why some are slower.
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    ok...i tested many combinations but th emost I got was a 50k increase from 300k to 350k. Should I see 600k? Also I am using Blazer with Is that right?
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    bumped, trhis working for anyone???
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    wondering how do I delete the Powervision Profile Copies from the Network Preferences settings. I'm getting only 300 k/bits from San Francisco
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    Yeah I can't delete the profiles either Where are my >600 speeds??? I NEVER got them. What is going on?
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    I am the author of the original thread. Sprint has significantly improved performance of their HAs and changing the HA may not have the impact it used to, however it can still be useful. Chances are higher slower performance is due to distance/obstruction to tower, weak signal or possibly heavy load on the individual tower during peak hours.

    However some people may also be assigned to an HA that is not near them. Changing to one near you may help. I'm also wondering if the .77 adresses may make a difference. The .77 address technically points to the same HA server as .76 but may direct you to a different path. If it is a lower used path, it may perform better. I plan to do more testing.

    If your HA is assigned to a W Coast HA and you travel to the E coast, your HA will still be pointing to the W Coast HA, meaning all traffic hops back/forth multiple times. It can be useful to set the HA to the region you are currently located.

    But ever since Sprint turned off the compression proxies, changing the HA has since had less relevance. The HA may still have some relevance for certain locations, especially if location of device is in different region than the HA server.

    Also be wary of as a tester. It in itself has not been as accurate due to heavy loads.
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