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    Quote Originally Posted by yuyjust
    2) If I tether my treo to my notebook via USB cable ( with KC HA) best I can get is
    300 kb/s. I think that's really disappointing for EVDO treo, and I did the test
    around 2 am so network congestion is really not a question.
    3) I also have Samsung A900 on sprint network and I did tethering speed test after
    I did my treo with the same HA setting ( KC HA). I consistantly get around
    800 kb/s via USB, so my area get really good EVDO signal.

    This is a little worrisome that the A900 tethering gets that much better performance than 700p tethering in same location. But I think I have seen some others post up to 1Mbps with USB tethering on 700p. What is your RSSI signal strength on 700p vs A900 (##DEBUG)?

    Would like to see more USB tethering results from other users. Blazer just doesn't seem capable of >400Kbps performance. May not matter if the 'experience' is still good on a such a small screen.
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    Still cant make USB tethered treo to go fast. !!! fastest I got is 380 kbs, like I said this is very disappointing to me. here is the ##DEBUG menu:

    RSSI value: -87
    Rx,Tx,Tx Adj: -91, -438, -63

    Then EVDO:

    RRcve sig strength: 35
    Rcve power: 87

    I just did speed test and got 350 kbs for USB tethered treo
    Then I did A900 tethered speed I got 1.2 Mbs ???? hmmmmm same location 5 min apart. ohh btw my RSSI value for my A900 is: -85 when I tested it so not much diff (also same HA setting) so I think maybe I have boo boo treo ???? how can some of you guy get 1 + mbs from treo ???? I live about quarter of a mile from a sprint tower, so signal here is good all the time.

    FYI when I tether my Treo I tried both PDANET and the hack with DUN setup from windows dial up networking. Both got about the same speed. What throw me off was if I did BT DUN on my treo I got about the same speed ???? (300-400 mbs) ?????
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    ^Thanks for the report. I wonder if 'official' USB tethering performs any better using the Sprint Connection Manager?

    Anyone have a Sprint supported PAM account? What is your USB tethering performance?
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    any good code numbers for the Southern California area?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode
    Why do you need your MSL code. I was able to change mine through Prefs > Network> Details> Advanced> Then menu button and go to Modify. Hit YES when it asks if youre sure you want to modify it.
    Thanks. Now I get an error message when it trys to connect with Power Vision!
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    To reset HA address back to default, try ##DATA# and goto Menu->Update Vision Profile
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    Without changing anything I just did a dsl mobile speed test of a 200k file, 392kbit/sec.
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    glenda you have to change it in the ##DATA menu. You can not change it in the Pref/ Networdk menu, because all you are doing is coping the power vision. YOU NEED YOUR MSL!!!!!!!!!
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    Just ran 600k DSL Mobile Speed Test on my Treo 700P. Result was 56kb. Have reported to Sprint. Have not made changes to HA settings.
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    where are you located hshimans
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada
    Thanks. Now I get an error message when it trys to connect with Power Vision!
    I think that "Yes" makes a copy of your vision least it did for me...called "Power Vision Copy" or something like that. My vision stopped working. It was a little scary, but I deleted that copy and everything went back to normal.

    The way to change HA settings is through #3282## from your dialpad. Enter your MSL code and they're right there. Just make sure you write down the original settings!!!
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    CCCable, I am located in Boca Raton, FL
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    I ran the speed test on my Treo 700p and got 320 about 10 minutes ago. I just finished running a laptop while using the Sprint Merlin EVDO PCMICA card. I got over 900k.
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    hshimans i bet you are on the ft worth and Georgia towers. try you HA's on The KC towers. I am in miramar and I was on the same towers as you. I changed to KC towers and got high as 400k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    Request to anyone reading this thread with a Sprint EVDO phone/device....[/b]
    - Please post the primaring and secondary HA addresses of your phone (dial ##DATA)
    - Your state or region
    - The billing location if different
    I'm still skeptical, but will agree that if you're connecting to an address that's across the country, it would make sense that it <might> take longer to connect to it.

    My HA is the one in North Carolina, and I'm in Nashville, TN.
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    i have the motorola q and am on my 6th day of use and i was actually thinking of returning it tomorrow to get the treo 700p. everyone here that is testing there speeds are you all on sprint network or verizon ? and about this HA is this a sprint only hack or would it work with verizon as well ? thanks
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    Just to clarify, the Home Agent (HA) is not a tower. The HA is a regional server related to the proxies, the address you are assigned and the gateway between the cell network and the Internet backbone.

    If you are in Florida and your HA is in Georgia and the website you visit is in LA, the traffic between the device and Georgia is on the cell network. The traffic between Georgia and LA is on the Internet backbone.

    If you are in Florida and your HA is Central CA and the website you visit in in LA, the traffic between the device and Central CA is on the cell network. The traffic between Central CA and LA is on the Internet backbone.

    You can easily confirm this by doing traceroutes on each HA.

    There are typically 7-8 hops within the cell network before it hits the Internet backbone ( When on the backbone, there could be 10-15 hops between the HA and the final destination, 20-30+ hops if across country. So statically speaking, if your HA is set to the Midwest (KC or Chicago), you will likely get less hops on average if visiting various sites in the US.

    If you travel often and not in one location, it may be best to set to a Midwest HA.
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    i dont understand
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    Quote Originally Posted by cccablecompany
    i dont understand
    If I'm not misteken your HA (Home Agent) is a sprint backbone server in your region where your treo's request for webpage or internet related would be process. So when you type in "" on your treo, your treo then send signal across cell tower trying to get to your HA server. It might take 7-8 hops on cell tower and little processing station before your request get to your designated HA server.

    After that it's just like normal landline ISP's server trying to locate webpage you are requesting (hoping thru cable and wire trying to get to treocentral server to request a page). And I think speed of your internet is partially depend on your cell's capacity and your HA server's capacity and traffice at one particular time (time that you are trying to connect).

    Somehow for my case KC HA alway have the best speed for me (eventho my latency is a bit slower as well, but as for trying to view webpage or Download some file this is fine for me).

    Is it co-incident that Sprint headquarter is in Kansas City ????? I almost feel like they play favoritism.. LOL j/k but can't stop thinking why I have picked up 100-200 kb/s connect to KC HA as suppose to connect to a closer HA in or around SF bay area ...

    If any of the above statement sound wrong please feel free to correct me.
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    More technical details can be found here...
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