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    I am using textplus and there seems to be a significant lag time. anyone else with that problem?
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    Yup. I finally just disabled Textplus anywhere. It's a little bit of a concession to the slowness of the 700p (which I still think is more than offset by the great EVDO), but not a huge one. I once compared my typing speed with Textplus to my typing speed without it, and I was surprised to learn they were about the same. I continued to use it, but mostly just because I'd already paid for it, not because I was under any illusion that it made a huge difference. So I'm not that bummed at having killed Textplus on the 700p. And in exchange, my Palm Internals speed test time has dropped from 5 seconds to 1 second.
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    Let's contact the developers and ask for an update.

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    Same problem, as well as sometimes leaving letters out of the words it's inserting. I cranked it up with PXA Clocker and it works better now.
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    how do you that?

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