I am looking at the 1900mhz unit from http://www.cellboosterstore.com/cell...eater-1900.htm

and was wondering if sprint always uses 1900mhz. I went to a website that indicated sprint uses both 1900mhz and 800mhz. Do they use both for good measure, or are they in the process of phasing one out?

I'd prefer to get the 1900mhz unit as it also works for cingular (which 2 of my household use), but the primary purpose is for boosting sprint (I'm installing it) and Nextel (they're paying for it).

Thanks in advance.

PS: I love my new 700p. It's a great upgrade from the 600 which served me faithfully with only one hardware swap necessary. I have hardly any of the "700p problems" I keep hearing about, with the exception of older incompatible apps causing resets while attempting to use them.