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    I moved to the 700p less than a week ago and have been loving it. For the most part, I stuck to installing commercial software, and everything seemed to be fine.

    I installed one freeware patch, decided I really didn't like/need it. I installed one other freeware app, and removed the patch. Yesterday afternoon I started having very frequent crashes/resets. I could not select pTunes without a reset. I could not select any accounts in SplashMoney without resets. I became convinced that database files on the Treo were corrupted and that even the BackupBuddy files on my SD card were corrupted. I had major agony getting things back running right, including hard reset and re-installation of my commercial apps. Since SplashMoney doesn't sync with any of my desktop apps, I thought I had lost all of my data, but I eventually recovered.

    As part of my recovery process, I removed the freeware app, and so far I have had no more problems. After that rambling intro, here is the question: Is this sufficient evidence for me to believe that this freeware app is the cause of the problem/conflict? I would be interested in hearing your opinions before I mention the name of the app and cloud your judgement with all of your past experience with this app. I promise that I will identify it after giving people reasonable opportunity to say whether these symptoms point to this app. The patch was removed before the trouble started, but I suppose it could have left some hidden problem.

    Dr J

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    There are MANY software incompatibilities on the new platform and many involve launcher issues and applications that run in the background causing database errors and crashes. In order for us to help you we need to know the mystery application that caused your crash.


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    Uninstall Manager will help with future issues.
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    Not much response to this thread, but I did promise in the original posting that I would identify the suspect app.

    I had read the thread titled something like "Dang they fixed the Call Log", and I downloaded and installed the patch that was described as providing additional data about calls, including their duration. It was intriguing, but I decided I didn't really need it, and people noted that with it installed, going to Phone Preferences would cause a reset.

    The suggested way to revert to the original state was to use FileZ to remove one particular file. I downloaded and installed FileZ and removed the file. I am reasonably certain that I made no other changes. It was a couple of hours later that I found that my device would reset if I tried to open pTunes or any of the accounts in SplashMoney. Moreover, restoring Splash files with BackupBuddy left me with corrupted data in SplashMoney accounts, so I suspected that files had become damaged both in internal memory and on the card.

    These problems were all AFTER the patch had been removed, so my experiences suggested that FileZ was a candidate as the culprit. It was the first time I ever used it, but I have read favorable reports on this site for years. I assume that most readers believe it is a good and safe program, so I wanted to see whether people would declare that an "unnamed" newly-installed app had to be the source of conflicts. Anyway, I have had no more problems and do not have FileZ installed. It was version 6.8.3.
    Dr J

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    I have used FileZ for 17 months on my 650 without a problem and I plan on installing it on my 700P. I will install it on my daughter's 700P and see what happens -- I will be very surprised if it creates an issue.

    How many are currently using Filez on your 700P?
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    filez 6.8.3 on the 700 with no problems
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    Perhaps I should clarify: I had not previously used FileZ, but I have heard so many favorable comments about it, that I don't really believe it was the cause of my problem.

    However, I have read comments from others where they seem to be blaming an app for causing crashes simply because the crashes/resets started shortly after they first installed the app. If I had not heard the favorable comments about FileZ in advance, I would indeed have believed it was the cause of the problem.

    My intent in this thread was to test how many people would automatically blame my newly-installed, unnamed app as the cause of my problem and then let them know it was an app that they had confidence in. I was just curious as to whether people here might be too quick to assign blame for problems, and I may fall into that category myself. But the thread generated very few comments, either blaming the unnamed app or conversely suggesting that there was insufficient evidence to do so. Thus, I think I failed to get a reading either way on whether people here are too quick to judge or not. Probably I did not word the original posting very well for this kind of test.

    And by the way, FileZ still sounds like a good program, so I re-installed it. So far, so good.
    Dr J

    Palm III --> Palm m500 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650 (2 days!) --> Treo 700p --> Treo 755p (Sprint)
    KayPro II --> IBM Portable --> Mac SE --> Mac Performa 6115CD --> Mac PPC 6500 --> Mac G4 (Yosemite) --> iMac G5 20

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