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    I suppose this isn't really a "Bluetooth" question, but it relates to using a Bluetooth GPS unit, so here goes....

    I just got a 700p, and I am considering getting the package available at that includes TT5, the BT-338 receiver, and a (basic) car mount. There is an extra-cost option to upgrade the mount to an Arkon CM775 model. That one looks pretty good -- it provides power connections for both the GPS and the PDA, if needed, and it has a powered speaker with volume adjustment. All seem like good features. (Any comments on these?)

    Here's the issue: The CM775 is a windshield-mount unit, and I have always wondered (1) just how much these impact driving visibility and (2) just how well they stay attached to the windshield, particularly if you occasionally move from vehicle to vehicle.

    Any comments from Treo folk who have used either this specific mount or something similar? If it makes any difference on the visibility issue, I would use the unit in two vehicles, a Mazda Miata and a Toyota Avalon.

    Dr J

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    I don't have the Arkon mount but I do use a similar Seidio gooseneck mount in rental vehicles. I've never had a problem with it not staying attached. With regard to visibility, I feel that if you are going to use it for navigation, it's going to need to be in your line of sight. In rentals, I've found the best location for me is just to the right, above the steering wheel (about 2 o'clock) where I can touch it without moving my hand far from the wheel. In that location I can see it and the road at the same time. Unfortunately, in my Dodge Dakota, I installed a vent mount that is lower and farther to the right. While it doesn't affect my visibility out the windshield, I find that I am more distracted using it in that location and am considering using the gooseneck in this vehicle as well.
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    Is this unit compatible with the 700p? The connections for 700p are different than the 650.
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    jrfaris: Thanks for the info. Sounds as if a windshield mount might be the way to go.

    johnboyd: You have made a very interesting comment. I am well aware that the 700p has different connections than the 600, but I was under the impression that the connections for the 700p and the 650 are the same. Is this not the case? I have both a 650 and a 700p in front of me, and they look the same. The sync/charge plug that came with the 700p fits into the 650, though I understand that doesn't necessarily make them compatible. The Arkon web site says the CM775 is for the Treo 650 and doesn't mention the 700 at all. The buygpsnow site shows the unit compatible with the 650 and 700w but doesn't specifically mention the 700p on the pull-down list of optional cradles, although they say the gps bundle is for the 650 or 700p.

    Anyone absolutely sure about yes/no compatibility of the connections?
    Dr J

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    If they don't specifically say 700p compatible, wait and see. My G4850M from Seidio only gives me a power connection to the 700p. Audio out, and GPS connection do not work. Seidio is still working on the compatibility problem (have been for two weeks), and only one of their car mounts is listed as compatible.
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    Sorry, johnhboyd, I misunderstood a little. I was thinking in terms of whether the power supply connection was the same. I have read the thread at and understand that Seidio is having some compatibility issue -- I just don't understand why. The audio connectors certainly look the same from the outside, and the same headset plug "fits" into both, though again that doesn't necessarily mean they are compatible. However, I thought that the same wired headsets were supposed to actually work with the 600, the 650, and the 700p.

    Do you know what the compatibility issue is, meaning do you know whether it is a Seidio issue or something that applies to every supplier? Do have both a 650 and a 700p, and can you use the same headset with both? If so, does the 700p appear to physically engage the audio plug on the G4850? (There was some comment from seidioseidio that "the padding in the back needs to provide more support to make for a more secure fitting.") I just am not clear on why the same headset would work on both units but a mount/speaker not work, unless it just doesn't plug in quite right.
    Dr J

    Palm III --> Palm m500 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650 (2 days!) --> Treo 700p --> Treo 755p (Sprint)
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    I suspect the connections are slightly different. Seidio says they will have the G4850 (hopefully) sometime next week for the 700p

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