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    I saw a couple forums talking about it for the 700w.... but is there a way i could set a key combination or something *i would kill for the side button to do it* to enable/disable bluetooth? A 700p needs the hookup, holler if you know anything

    EDIT: oh god, found like 3 threads on it i somehow missed... if i knew how to delete i totally would O_x
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    Well then, I'm stupid too, because I just spent the last ten minutes searching threads for the answer and can't find it. Do share. I'd like that as well. Where was there a post on it? Like you, I saw some for the 700w but I couldn't find a thread addressing whether it would work for the 700p. I searched "bluetooth toggle 700p."
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    bluefang seems to work for me... shows up after you hold the menu key.
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    Seems like using this Bluefang app would require you to touch the screen. Why not use a favorite to launch the bluetooth manager, with a hotkey assigned (like the letter "B"). Once the bluetooth manager loads the center button is focused on the next available state (i.e. focused on "Off" if bluetooth is on and focused on "On" if bluetooth is off).
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