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    By rev A I mean don't buy it yet
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    if your asking if you bought a 700p right now would there be a bunch of problems on it which would make you incredably frustrated and make you want to through the phone at the wall? If thats it then i would have to say, how lucky do you feel?
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    I going to get one, but I think I'm gonna wait for revision A
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    UGH... I thought this thread was going to be whether the Sprint 700p was going to be upgradeable to Rev A of 1xEvDo later this september...
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    The Treo 700p works fine if you use the built-in apps and you don't care much about bluetooth. There are a lot of incompatibility issues with software that used to work fine on the 650. If you can't deal with resets due to some third party software then wait a couple of months.


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