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    I have bizzare problems with VersaMail: 1) it is extremely slow on my new Treo700p. Every action - when I tap on buttons, drag slide bar, etc. - is done with about 1 second delay, including exiting the program to Palm main menu. 2) In addition, every time I check Email, it downloads many more messages then there is: for instance, if there one new message, the progress bar will show as if it downloaded 5 messages. I there is about a dozen - it may show 90 new messages, and of course this takes time. Other applications seem to be normal, no delays or particular sluggishness.

    I think the first day I have used the phone it was OK, and it may have started happening after I installed other applications. Could the application been corrupted? Is there a way to re-install a fresh copy of VersaMail application? Is there a better thrid-party Email application?

    In general, so far Treo700p turned out to be a major disappointment. Too many problems to list, half of my application that worked great on Treo600 dont work on 700.
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    Have you checked to see that you have the most recent versions of your software that worked on the Treo 600. A great many applications needed to be revised to work with the NVFS memory system properly.

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    Also, maybe what appears to be syncing more e-mails than there are is actually VM checking all of your mail on the server to see what's new, and then it downloads the new mail. The progress bar jumps in a bunch of small steps while it checks the server. VersaMail even did that on my Zodiac.
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    Thank you Marc amd Shrek for responding. I tried to get the most recent updates of everything I've installed, but it is not always possible: most third party software was not yet updated or validated for Treo700p. Some of the stuff I have was advertized as 650-compatibe, some not even that. To my frustration a lot of software does not work on 700p, like my favorite Mapopolis maps software. So I removed everything that gave me troubles.

    Regarding the multiple "ghost" messaged that Versamail thinks it dowloads: this happens after "Checking for new messages", at "getting Messager xx of yy" step, when you see two progress bars. It makes multiple passes of the lower bar, many more than the messages it gets, but by far less than I do have on the server (thousands). Just thins morning, I've received 6 new massages, but the progress bar was telling that it downloaded 50.

    Do you know if I can erase Versamail completely with all the settings and the data, and then re-install it? Have you heard of any decent alternative mail application for Palm?

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