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    I picked up a Sirf III reciever and TomTom and love the combo. Quick signal, great reception, and TomTom's maps seem good and the on-the-fly routing is excellent. My one complaint is the treo shuts off from inactivity while traveling, even though it's routing me to a destination and mounted securely in the charging cradle. Shouldn't TomTom be forcing the phone to stay on? If not, is there a way to tell the phone not to turn off the screen automatically while it's plugged in? It's frustrating to have to hit the power button every 3 minutes, then exit and start the program each time to re-sync the GPS.
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    I just returned from a weeklong trip in L.A. using the Telenav & BT 339 receiver, and they worked great. I liked how the voice read out the street names in advance. Regarding call handling, it wasn't seamless -- after taking a call, I had to manually switch back to Telenav, click Navigate, and re-select my destination from the Recent Addresses list. Bit of a pain. It also would not let me select an address from the Treo address book, just the 10 most recent addresses used in Telenav. Still a great deal at this price, though. Don't know if I'll keep the service after 6 months or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donnyb
    Did you call to order?
    Nope just took care of it over the net, it did take a bit of searching to find the deal tho.
    Use it to day mostly going to place's that I generaly go but it did take me a different route that was actualy better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasanderson
    I have telenav with my 700p and for some reason I keep getting the "gps signal is weak" message. when it worked flawlessly on my 650. anybody know why?
    Did you get resolution to your issue and if so how/what? I have the some problem using BT-339 and BT-338.

    When I call in for customer support, I have a feeling I'm going to be told I'm SOL because they don't support 700p. Worked fine on my 650.

    Any help to resolve greaty appreciated.

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    I had the GPS receiver do that to me once. I took the battery out and then put it back in. Problem solved. Maybe that will work for you. This was on the 650, though.

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    That worked. Thx. HRB
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    Telenav seems to disable keyguard. Anyone else with this issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mister N
    Telenav seems to disable keyguard. Anyone else with this issue?
    Yes, I think I might be encountering the same issue.
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    interesting tidbit. For the life of me I cannot get my 650 to actually annunciate thast it has coupled with my telenav gps device. I go to setup devices, Show nearby devices and it just searches. The interesting part is that while it never shows it has found the device it does work!!!! Can someone explain to me about Device Name on the ON/OFF page of Bluetooth? My first Bluetooth device was a Cardo earpiece. The second device was a Plantronics earpiece. I apparently plugged in my name for device name. Plse tell me about that. Also, discoverable etc.
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