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    To all of you old Wesync user that thought Wesync was dead or dying, today they went live as ClearSync. There is a charge, but if you are like me it is worth it.

    If you do not know what Wesync did, it is a real treat if you need it. I work with 9 staff in 9 locations. We need to share contacts and calendars in real time. Wesync let us sync to the WEB as well as our computer. When I synced I put my information on the WEB and picked up the other 8 persons information. When they would sync they would pick up my information and leave theres. I was able to look at two calendars side by side so I could see what others were doing when making a schedule (very important for us).
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    Great to hear that wesync is back from the dead as clearsync...

    But I'm actually more interested now for some dev out there to develop a native palmos sync tool to google calandar instead. I know there is a java midlet that will let you do this over the air on the Treo, but a native palmos solution would be much better...
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    PalmSource® has sold WeSync™ software to Tanner Research™. Under this new management, you can soon look forward to seeing:

    # WeSync 1.6 for Palm OS® 5.x compatibility
    # WeSync Support coming back online
    # New users again welcomed & able to sign up

    While we can’t give you expected “go live” dates yet, we do appreciate your patience and want you to know that we are dedicated to providing ongoing support for the WeSync software and service.
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    Old Message, try
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    I have no wondering why it came in over RSS feed yesterday ?

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