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    Hi guys, last few days has been set up time for my new 700p, I just downloaded mocean, which so far im liking, and I have my 4gb sd card on the way tomorrow and with the headphones palm supplied Im set for using this as an ipod replacment. Well I keep my phone in my pocket in the slide case that came with the treo 600 and would like to answer any calls I get without having to take the phone out of my pocket. the only buttons I can tap while its in my pocket are the 3 side buttons, i really would like to make the bottom of the 3 act just like the center button of the 5-way to answer calls. Any app that will alow me to do this? Thanks

    EDIT: im an *****, sorry got like 2.5 hrs of sleep last night, button on the headphones does what I want haha, mod please delete.
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    Even if the OP found a solution, I'd still like to know: Can the side button be programmed to answer calls? Can LudusP do this in a later version?
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    i dl'd ludusp and it couldnt thats why I asked, now I have the problem that mocean doesnt unpause the songs after im off a call so back to square one.

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