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    Hey all, I've been playing with pictures and ring tones and thought I would share what I learned (as payment for my question).

    Here's my step by step process (for Macs, but it may help Windows users)
    1 - Copy MP3 from collection into Quicktime.
    2 - Use Quicktime to trim file down to 30 seconds.
    3 - Reimport file back into iTunes.
    4 - Use iTunes to convert it to 32kps AAC files (less than 32 sounds awful).
    5 - Use to upload and send files to your phone.
    6 - Download files from sms and voila, you have ringers

    NOW, why are pictures I send not available for attaching to contacts? I can see the picture in my Camera list of pictures, but they have a little "lock" symbol on them and I don't know how to make them usable for the contact database. Help?!?
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    by any chance is the little lock slider on your sd card in the "lock" position?
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    Nope, I don't even have an SD card in there, the pictures live in memory.
    This is SOOO frustrating. I can see the pictures i download, but I can't put them into contacts. (but I CAN put pictures that I take with the camera into contacts)
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    Use filez, zlauncher's built-in file manager, or equivalent to remove the "copy protect" attribute to remove the lock symbol.

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