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    does anyone have this case? i have the covertec case for my tx (but i'm switching to a treo) and i love it. one of the things i love most of all is that it has a slot that perfectly fits a few credit cards or, more importantly, my subway card! but the covertec site doesn't have picture of that part of the case. so i need to know: does this same slot exist on the treo case - in which case (pun intended) it's the perfect one for me. otherwise, i'll go to the vaja but that also doesn't have the credit card slot.

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    I use this Covertec case (
    and I can confirm it has a slot for few credit cards (see the attachement photo of the inner side of a flap cover) which I use for my business cards (visible white pieces of paper)
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    I used the covertec horizontal pouch with the 650. I loved the style and convienence but after a while the magnet holding the latch didn't secure as well as I thought it should leaving my treo in danger.

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