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    I've read tons of threads and no real blunt opinion stating was found....

    I have a 3.5 male headset adapter already plugged into my car deck, lookin to pick up an adapter for the treo to get my EVDO stream on

    Anyway, i've seen the seidio one through the bottom connector, i've seen an offical palm one into the headset jack, and tons of other 3rd parties into the headset jack.... What does everyone like? I just want something thats not gonna fall out when the phone gets passed around the car.... Any suggestions?
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    I like the seidio one because its flexable which makes it safer on the treo and easier to use.
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    I have a cheapy one I bought at Best Buy that has a female 3.5 end and a male 2.5 end and a 3 foot retractable cord in the middle. I think the 3.5 end even has a mic on it too but I never use it. It works pretty good, I have a cord that plugs into the back of my car stereo and the other end sticks out about 2-3 inches from the center console area between the front seats, I have the retractable adapter plugged into that which I just hide under the passenger seat when I'm not using it. When I want to listen to MP3's off my Treo I just plug it in. I love the retractable cord because it is long enough that I can pull my Treo up closer to look at it to switch songs or whatever while I'm driving and then set it back in the cupholder when I'm done and the cord just winds back up out of the way automatically...
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    thanks for the feedback, ill bump for another day or so to fish for opinions

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