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    Yeah, the full body Invisible Shield / BSE for the 700W is an exact fit for the 700P as well. Invisible Shield's company can install it for you, but they charge $15.00. Also, the Invisible Shield / BSE screen protector parts aren't very great. They make the screen look kind of milky. I'm going to try installing one of the full body BSE's I have (not the screen protector though) and see how it goes. If I can't get it on right, I'll send my 700P to Invisible Shield's company to have them install it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muncheroo
    Did you regret not getting a screen protector or case of some sort? I really like the look and feel of the 700p without screen protectors and cases... was wondering what kind of possible problems might arise from this type of use.
    I was a big fan of being naked, but some others thought differently. Really though I loved my Treo being naked, but I fianlly went w/ the crystal case and it is great!! They have the crystal cases here @ The TC Store.
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    For anybody who wants pictures of BestSkinsEver check this thread:

    I too was worried about putting this stuff on, but it was very easy, just FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!
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    I used my 600 naked but I ordered my BSE last week for my 700P.

    I'm a bit pissed that I had to email them about shipping but we'll see what the product is like when I get it.

    For those considering BSE, remember that it really doesn't provide much protection in the case of a drop.
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    Don't confuse "carrying the Treo naked" with using it without a screen protector. I've carried all my Treos naked but I always use a screen protector. I don't like cases because they add extra bulk and all of the cases I've ever tried for my various PDAs have made it more difficult to hit certain buttons which is unacceptable to me.

    This BSE thing sounds interesting, but I'm not sure it would help me. My 650 has terrible wear, but it's all on that fake chrome, mostly on the buttons and D-Pad itself.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Except for e-grips, I go completely nakie. No screen scratches, no case scratches except for a tiny silver flake missing to left of screen....and never dropped thanks I believe to the e-grip grip. But then I don't "play" with it every second of the day.

    It sits in a cradle when being used as a phone or GPS tool. Unless I am using an app for soem type of productive pursuit (which includes reading, surfing, etc) , it's not in my hands.
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    I can't stand protective covers or screen protectors. The phone is for using...just try to be careful, and if you make a mistake, then you have your first battle scar. A friend of mine babies his 650 like its a vintage sports car. I do baby my car, or anything that has to do with a hobbies. This device is used as a solution for me, and doesn't need to be waxed like a car.
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    On the other hand there is something to be said for skins. This week a friend put her T650 on the roof of her car (encased in a Boxwave pink skin) and drove several miles. T650 still there. Woo-hoo.
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    I used my 600 completly naked, no case or screen protector. The 700 defanitly seems more fragile but until something bad happens im going to continue to go naked. After all, isnt that what insurance is for?
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    For the price, this is certainly worth a try. I bought two, one for my treo, one for my wife's Razr. I think the Razr one is more important since it floats around insider her purse with a million and one other things. Her prior phone is absolutely beat to crap just from her carrying it around in her purse.

    I personally never cared for screen protectors and removed my 650's a few weeks after I put it on. The stylus seems to work so much better without it.
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    I love the two of these together! Martin Fields is my screen protector, and Best Skins Ever for everything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    I was a big fan of being naked, but some others thought differently. Really though I loved my Treo being naked, but I fianlly went w/ the crystal case and it is great!! They have the crystal cases here @ The TC Store.
    They have the CrystalCase for the Treo 650, but not for the Treo 700p yet. The ClearCase for the 700p look fugly with a big ol' hinge on the side. Yuck.

    Are you saying that you have a CrystalCase on a Treo 650 and like it? Or that you put a ClearCase on a 700p and like that? I've thought about getting a ClearCase until the CrystalCase is available for the 700p...but not sure I could go out in public with it.
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    Wow, those BSEs are a b*tch to peel off their backing without messing up other pieces. I screwed up two sets of these BSEs last night when I followed their instructions on peeling the excess material off from around the pieces for the 700W/P.
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    Ever since the palm vx I have always carried the pda naked. I can't understand people who put plastic on the screen and it blurs the image, or put the pda in a giant heavy case so it doesn't even fit in their pocket anymore. It takes away from the functionality having to open a case first, etc. Scratches and nicks build character. What chick doesn't like war wounds?

    Treo naked in the left pocket screen facing leg nothing else in the left pocket. Been doing this for years not a scratch on any of my screens.
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    Have you ever tried one of the newer screen protectors like Boxwave's Cleartouch? They don't blur the screen unless you really do have some problems with your vision. The only screen protector I've ever put on that has blurred the screen was the Invisible Shield. Made the screen look kinda cloudy. The Boxwaves however are different. Unless you look at the edges closely, you can't really tell they're there.
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    I think placing a case over the Treo makes it bulkier than it already is. I just have a screen protector on mine, but I handle it very carefully.... and my Treo is in fine shape.
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    FYI, clear crystal case here I also upload a few photos. it add about 1mm around the Treo. btw, I also ordered BSE for the hot summer day...j/k
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    I recieved my crystal case and BSE on the same day. The case fits great with some movement when pushing the charging cable from the botttom. This was solved when I appled the BSE and used some ecxess from the sides to cover my antenna. No movement inside the case at all and I put on martin fields screen protector. Am waiting for the back cover with reset hole from seidio and will put a reset hole on the clears case so I will not have to remove the case. I need the case because I use a car cradle which requires a knob on the back to attach it to. I was using the palm latch for the 650 and it got banged a lot from carrying it in the belt position. The BSE is great in case I drop it and the case opens up. I probably will tape it shut on the sides with clear tape when I get the new back cover and drill a reset hole in the back case since I will seldeom need to open it.
    Cyystal Case from E-Bay with shipping is $7.98 and BSE at $8.99.
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    When you installed your BSE, did you remove the extra film around the pieces first like they tell you to do?
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    Hi Teriq,

    I am also planning (actually had ordered) to use BSE w/ my crystal case (also from ebay!). thx for the tip on the "movement" issue I was wondering about that too. I may look into Martin fields screen protector idea... I am using the free one that came in the box

    btw, so far I drop my treo only 1 time. It chip a little on the bottom part and top left side but I think the clear case took most of the beating, it came apart during the 2ft drop.
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