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    Has anyone successfully paired their Sprint Treo 700p with their Mac. I am running Mac OS 10.4 on an iBook. I have a Belkin F8T001_v1 Bluetooth USB adaptor. This adapter worked perfectly with my Sprint Treo 650. When I try and use it with my 700p, the Mac and Treo see each other, but will not Pair. The Treo sits there asking for the Pairing Passcode, but the Mac just sits there retreiving information about the Treo and will not show a Passcode to enter into the Treo. I have read that other people are having trouble with other Bluetooth devices, so this might just be a problem with the Treo 700p that will hopefully be fixed in a new firmware update. Thanks.
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    For what it's worth, I have paired a 700p with a new (intel) MacBook Pro using internal Bluetooth. I have done a sync this way.
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    I don' think you be able to pair the 700p with anything using that Belkin adapter. Go buy another one and try again.
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    Oh well. Thanks anyway.
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    I thought that model of belkin is on the list of "compatible" devices with the 700p on the palm website. So even compatible devices have a problem.
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    I just realized that my Belkin BT device was the v2. I have no idea if you can make the v1 work.... but I would doubt it.

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