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    Okay, so what don't I understand?

    I'm a first time Treo user (700P), and set it up with my corporate Outlook. It was very easy - give it the web access page, username, password, and email address. IT figured out that it had to use SSL. Tested connection and BAM, it was hooked up.

    Now, my email, calendar, and contacts are all synced and populated for me. ( I just used outlook to grab the relevant people from the address book and added them to contacts. )

    Okay, sure, no push, but I set it to sync every 5 minutes, so I am notified of new message AT MOST 5 minutes after they arrive.

    Attachments? No problem. Progress bars? They tell me when it is working (or, more importantly, if something isn't working). I even just accepted an Outlook meeting request with it and calendar got updated.

    So, what am I missing? I'm new with this, but right now I don't understand what everybody seems to hate about Versamail...

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    That's a difficult question to answer if you have read the many threads related to your question. The best thing you can do is to test drive the other two, ChatterEmail and SnapperMail and go from there.

    I have tried all three, licensed both ChatterEmail and SnapperMail, and exclusively use ChatterEmail. ChatterEmail and SnapperMail are far superior to Versamail. Try 'em and you will experience the difference.

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    First date is always great.

    Then the problems start. At first erasing files would solve the problem, then nothing would help. My versamail hasn't worked properly in months.
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    I felt the same way as you, Mr. Bill. I used Versamail up until a few days ago. I only need POP mail access and it worked OK. I am now trying out Agendus Mail SSL and here's what I found I was missing:

    1. I can send/receive with the Treo (multiple accounts) and synch mutliple accounts with Outlook 2003. And vice-versa.

    2. Account setup is very easy. After the first account was set up, it recognized when I was setting up another account with the same service and imported it's pop/smtp/port settings - no duplicative entry of oddball port codes.

    3. Send/receive is much quicker than Versamail.

    4. It's been very stable and hasn't caused any conflicts with other apps on the Treo.

    5. It automatically disconnects from the network after a send/receive.

    Those are the things I've noticed after a week. Not sure of all the bells & whistles and not sure I need or want them.

    The one downside is price. It's $49.95. I may try Chatter before making a final decision. You can try several programs - they all have demo periods - to see if you like them. If you still want to use Versamail, it will always be there.

    Hope this helps.
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    One thing VersaMail doesn't have is a feature to put emails directly on the SD card as it syncs them in.

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