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    I just got my visor setup so I can use my Nokia 8290 phone to connect to the internet with it,

    So now what?

    Avantgo... Pages load up so badly formated they're useless
    Mail... Can't send or recieve
    Hotsync... Doesn't work unless I do a modem synch to my home cpu
    PQA's... No go. I've only got palmos 3.1

    What's the best palmos internet software? Thanks ppl!
    I've got a BVD with a Stowaway keyboard
    Visors kick A$$!!!!!!
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    ProxiWeb is a pretty good browser.
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    go with blazer!
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    I've tried several browsers (avantgo, browse-it,palmscape,) but like Proxiweb the best because 1.)its free 2.)loads all web pages in a readable format 3.)supports cut and paste through memo pad 4.)supports bookmarks 4.)requires less than 100k. I have not tried Blazer.
    As far as PQAs, you can run them on OS 3.1 using JPSsystem software. Quite honestly with bookmarked pages on a good web browser, you might be better off saving the extra space on your visor and not messing with PQAs.
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    I am very happy with Blazer - nice colour support.

    I also have the Eudora Internet suite for email and fast text-based browsing.

    I'm happy with this combo.

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    That's the million dollar question. These tips may help until the killer app arrives.

    You can use PQAs (as mentioned) with the Palm OS 3.1. There's a discussion about it here.

    I'm not sure which email app you've tried, but I know that Multimail rocks and I've had no luck with Eudora.

    As far as not having pages formatted for the browser (Avantgo), try Plinkit!. There are lots of links to pages specially formatted for handheld devices.

    As far as hotsync. I'm getting a backup module to use while I'm on the go.

    Good luck.

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