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    Ok... opened the new box. charged the new JX10 headset. noticed that the earclip is defective (damn !@(*$&!$). The clip only clips into the small slots on 1 side of the headset, it doesn't reach to the other side. Oh well, swapped in the clip from my existing JX10, and all is well. Paired up the new JX10, made a call. All good. Decided to take the big test. Turned off BT, turned BT back on. All other JX10's had the audio xfer problem after doing this. However, this time. Bingo. Worked like a charm still. So I turned BT off again, and back on. Bingo. Worked again. Turned the headset off/on... bingo, worked again. Could I finally have found a JX10 that doesn't exhibit the Audio Xfer problem? Could this be bliss? I'll test some more rest of day.
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    Got my jx-10 from today and it works great so far. Haven't lost connections yet. Lucky!
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    Still going....... turned off/on BT a few more times, for testing, JX10 still working flawlessly. I can notice the difference. I can hear it click when the call starts, then I can hear the audio change, hard to explain, but it's as if you are listening to someone pick up the phone on the other end, thats the kind of sound I hear when making a call. Anyway, i hear the phone ringing, and voice saying HELLO, each and every time. So... if this continues to hold, it would appear to be that the JX10's do have a problem with atleast 1/3 of their devices per their tech support.
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    For those of you who are turning the BT off , are you noticing any improvement in battery life while it's off?
    I've been reluctant to turn it off based on comments in this/or other threads. I'm using the basic Treo BT headset and it works great.
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    i have to say that i'm not fully satisfied with the mic quality of my jx10. For $100+, I expect to come through loud and clear when I'm a quiet room. I also pick up a decent amount of static, even when the phone is in my left pocket and the headset is in my right ear.
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    Glad to see its working for you jmeray. I am still going without any connection issues

    I really don't notice any Power issue?
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    I've just been reading other forums, and it seems turning of BT does infact save battery. I personally think with BT on, it doubletimes my battery drain after watching it closely today with BT on all day. Read some of the other topics discussing battery life of the 700p, one of the main things people talk about is either less than hourly auto email checks, and having BT turned on. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

    Chuhsi... sometimes i have static, but i'm not sure of any BT that doesn't (i'm sure there are some but they are probably bigger units). I dont think the static is constant nor do i think it goes down the connection and is heard on the other end. I've had multiple confcalls and people think i'm on a landline if in a decently quiet room. I have heard that noisy rooms like airport areas, bars, dont work too well cuz the DSP on the JX10 just doesn't cut the background noise out enough. But in it's defense, the JX10 does recreate your voice quality better than those BT's that do cut out background noise better. So it's a tossup, depending upon what you prefer.

    Turbotiger... I am not sure you would have a problem with your non JX10 headset and turning off/on BT. I think it's only a problem with the JX10. Not 100% sure, but give it a shot, worst that can happen is you have to hit the soft reset button to get audio-xfer working again.
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    jmeray - thanks for the comments. i'm still on the wall on whether i want to keep this thing. A wired headset gives me and my callers much better sound quality. Also, this jx10 is so small i'm worried about losing it!
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    Ok. bad news. Today, tried to use my BT twice so far, and both times, AUDIO TRANSFER PROBLEM. Sucks. So tired of this. So.... i'll return this unit. I did a soft reset, and it works again now as usual. I'll just have to keep BT on all the time, which means battery drain will be higher per day, but there is nothing I can do, I've had 4 headsets, all of them experience the audioxfer problem. Personally, i still think its the treo. Hoping for a firmware fix update at some point. I cant believe some people have no issues... i'm wondering if it isn't a bad batch of 700p's too. hmmmm.
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    jmeray - given the amount of people that are having problems with all sorts of BT headsets, i'd be pretty confident in claiming that this is simply a problem with the BT stack on the 700P. Doesn't mean a bad batch, just that the device itself has issues. I would be pretty certain that a firmware update should resolve many of the issues we're all seeing.
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    I would have to agree with you SailRace.... I like the JX10, so i'm sticking with it, and I'll wait it out for a firmware update. But, as you know, Jabra told me specifically that they are working on the issue and have said 1/3 of their devices work, the other 2/3 have problems with this audio xfer issue. So someone, either Jabra or PALM will come up with a firmware update to hopefully fix all of our issues like u said.
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    I have to agree with SailRace. I am almost positive it is a BT SW bug in the Treo 700p. Basically, once the BT connection is broken either through a random drop or power down of the headset, calls I initiate do not get routed to my Plantronics 640 even though the headset icon is visible on my phone screen. Oddly enough, when I *receive* a call it does get routed to my headset.

    When I pop the back cover and do a soft reset, the Plantronics 640 works fine until the next BT connection loss. Hopefully Palm will release a BT patch soon.
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    I'm positive the problem is with the 700p not the JX-10. When I get the audio routing problems, a soft reset of the 700p fixes it. I also get problems with not being able to connect to the 700p for DUN access. Again a soft reset of the 700p fixes it. I just don't understand why bluetooth is such a problem for Palm. None of the other phones / PDAs I've tried over the years show as consistent flakiness as Palm devices seem to have.
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    I have to agree. Once i had the problem with the "new" JX10, I soft reset, and everything was fine. Infact, i turned off/on BT 4 times, and still, everything worked fine. So I paired up my old JX10, turned BT off/on 4 more times, and still, everything worked fine with my OLD JX10. So... to me, that helps to prove, it's not the JX10, it's the Treo being flaky. Hoping for a firmware upgrade.
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    When I first read this forum, my Plantronics 640 was already ordered so I was a little worried.

    Initially, it did have connection problems but I have since played around with it enough to understand how to deal with it.

    There are random disconnects, but at least in my case they don't occur very frequently. Maybe once or twice a day.

    What does happen very reliably is that the BT will lose connection about 1 minute after I end a call. Happens like clockwork. If I initiate a new call before the BT cuts out, it works fine and does not drop it during the call. However, if I wait more than 1 minute after I end a call, I get a *beep* in my headset and the BT connection is dropped.

    I found that I just need to wait until the headset icon on the Treo screen changes to the BT icon, press the reconnect button on my 640 and it's back up and stays connected until the next call.

    When I end the next call, *beep* disconnect 1 minute after hanging up. Add water, mix, repeat.

    It's a little annoying, but tolerable. I am sure it's the Treo BT because the BT disconnect after ending a call is like clockwork. It always happens and always happens after about the same period of time. I don't have a stopwatch to see exactly how long the wait is, but it is quite repeatable.
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    Sound quality is great on both ends of the device, but one thing seems to be off. When a call comes through, the BT does it's two-tone beep, then just answers the call - without any input from me whatsoever. Shouldn't a BT device always wait for the user to hit a button before answering a call?

    I'm not being sarcastic here. This is my very first bluetooth device, and I really have no prior experience to go off of.

    Is there a way I can set it to only answer a call after i've pressed a button?

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    i have a Moto H3 Razr bluetooth headset i'd like to use with my 700p. i have paired them and it sounds fine on my end, but no matter who i'm talking to on the other end they say they hear an echo

    what can i do about that? pair them again? i'v already tried but maybe tehre's another trick?

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    I know this problem is still ongoing.
    Thought I would share additional info to help someone else.
    My treo 700p died, and i had to get a new one.
    Once i got it, and used my trusty backupman to restore it from my 8gig SDHC card (which btw works even on a new 700p because the SDIO-sdsd.prc appears to be in ROM now), I could not get the bluetooth to work.
    Same problem as previous in this thread. Btw... as far as backupman is concerned, I installed it on my SDHC card, which is great, cuz i simply put the card in the treo, click on backupman, and it asks if i want to restore from my latest backup because it noticed a hard reset was just done. Though backupman complains about it "not working from an SD card" however, its worked for me 100%.

    Anyway... on to the bluetooth jx10 with treo problem....
    I would dial a # from the keypad, it would continue to show that light blue headphone icon at the top, and the JX10 would go "blip blip" on the earpiece, but thats it, the sound of the person on the other end, would actually come thru the handset, not the jx10.
    After repairing 10 times, soft-resets like 15 times, hard resets twice, i accidently stumbled on an interesting fact.
    If I initiated the call from the JX10 itself, it worked, flawlessly.
    Meaning... if i held the button down on the JX10 so that it did a "redial of last #" it would dial the last # i dialed, and the little light blue headphone icon would turn dark blue, and viola, i could hear the voice on the other end. This was consistant. I could also receive a call, by clicking the button on the jx10, and viola, i could hear the person on the other end. I was excited, so i then went to make a call from the handset, no, sorry, that still didnt work, however, it atleast gave me a workaround (although not wonderful) atleast it still allowed me to use my JX10 and it not become a paperweight.

    Maybe this will help someone dig into the bottom line root cause of this issue. Or...maybe allow you to have a workaround so you can bring that beautiful jx10 out of the box and back into use again. Simply dial the # you want to call from the handset, hang up before it rings a second time. Then hold the jx10 button down and it will redial that # and you can use the headset just fine.

    Now, i only tested this for an hour, but it felt VERY consistant, hopefully this helps others out there.

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    Well here we are all this time later. The firmware update everyone was so anxiously anticipating has arrived. I've seen no difference whatsoever with the bluetooth issues. The only noticable changes after doing the firmware upgrade is my phone making a weird extra "beep" before every single sound it makes - text, incoming call, you name it.

    I have a Motorla H700 and just like someone else said, people tell me "Where on earth ARE you? It sounds like you are at the bottom of a well!" Or, "You are cutting out so bad I can't hardly hear you." Or, "It sounds like you are under water."

    I don't know how much time I've spent on the internet doing research for a decent bluetooth headset. For every one that some people like, others report the same problems.

    I am beginning to think it is hopeless. Palm is sounding more and more unattractive...
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