Looks very handy, tho from what I can see so far its sucks stuff into Palm Desktop provides no option to go from Treo directly into ya Treo apps....

$29.95 1st puter (Oulook, Palm OR Agendus Users_
$12.95 adds 2nd computer
$12.95 adds Outlook AND PalmDesktop capability

Get appointments, addresses and more into your Palm™ compatible PDA quickly and easily from anywhere on your PC, such as an e-mail or web site, without errors or re-typing!

Anagram™ is a tiny and unobtrusive program for your PC that stays out of your way while you work, but is available at a single keypress when needed.

Anagram™ instantly and intelligently translates the meaningful text from any application into Palm™ Address, Datebook, To-Do and Memo items. Why enter a new address or appointment into your Palm™ by hand when anagram™ can do it for you?