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    I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a Treo has more computing power than the Apollo, so this looks like fun:

    Lunar Excursion Module Simulator v2.0 is now out for the Palm OS. LEM Sim realistically simulates landing phase of the Apollo moon mission. The game features realistic physics, actual Apollo LEM instruments and NASA style sound effects.
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    I'd be willing to bet that my calculator watch has more computing power than the LEM did. I'm SURE the Treo does.
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    Hello Tom.

    Nice to "see you" again. You are 100% right the Treo has 1000000000000 more power than the LEM computer. I had to read quite bit of technical stuff about it (to simulate the DAP for my LEM Sim game) and believe me, I am not sure how made in one piece to the Moon!!

    Take care guys,


    Ps: LEM Simulator 2.0 should run fine from the SD card (at least it does with both my Treo 650 and Tungsten C). Do you have any problem running it from the SD card Tom?
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    Hi Tom.

    By the way Tom, did I send your registration code (free of course for you) for version 2.0? If not drop me a PM with your hotshyinc ID again. Thanks again for the help in develloping LEM Sim. You can download the current version here:

    LEM Simulator 20 at PalmGear

    This full version should last you 7 days so it will give some time to send your registration.


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    Mo, I've had no problem running LEM Simulator from the SD card.
    "Yeah, he can talk. It's gettin' him to shut up that's the trick!"
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    Works great for me. Never got the new code for 2.0, though. User ID for the Treo is "Treo". Can you send me a PM?
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    Hi guys,

    Sorry Tom and Tony. I will sure send you the codes today. I am at work right now. So in couple hours you should check your PM box!

    Thanks guys.

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    Hi Tony, Tom.

    Check your private box for your reg codes.

    Thanks so much.

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    Thank you!
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